Specialty Maintenance


A spring and / or fall mulching of flower beds is essential to protecting plants and shrubs as well as in providing properties with a professionally landscaped look. Prior to adding new mulch, all existing planting beds and tree rings are hand weeded. Old / excessive mulch as well as all leaves and debris are removed and cleared. A deep edge is cut around all planting beds to assure a clean cut appearance and to maintain the mulch bed. Only the highest quality double shredded hardwood mulch will be used. Mulch will be spread at approximately 1"- 3" in depth. We will evaluate the beds to see if any excessive mulch needs to be removed and how much mulch should actually be applied. Too much mulch will provide a place for insects and diseases to hide and it´s very detrimental to trees and shrubs.

Pruning and Weeding

Regular shrub pruning and bed weeding is what keeps the landscape looking sharpe all year round. We will work with every customer to accommodate their needs and preferences. Most customers like these services to be done on an as-needed base but we also offer them in a package plan such as every spring, summer, and fall.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

A clean-up service can be done any time of the year. We remove all leaves, debris, and trash from the property and put everything into bags. We will either leave the bags on the curb depending on the trash service offered or we will haul it all way for an additional cost.

We also offer our fall leaf removal service. All leaves will be cleaned out of flower beds, blown off the lawn and removed. We will work with the homeowner to provide this service once, twice, or even five times a fall to make sure the property stays well maintained. The last clean-up usually occurs sometime late December or early January from late falling leaves or that lazy neighbor who left their leaves to blow elsewhere.

Core Aeration / Fertilaization programs

Core Aeration is extremely important to maintaining healthy turf. We encourage that every homeowner aerate at least once a year, preferably in the fall. Aerating the turf helps promote root growth and increase water and oxygen movement in the soil. Looking Sharpe will aerate your lawn in at least two different directions to properly scar and prep the surface.

Overseeding and fertilizing is a very important part to keeping a green lush lawn year round. These services should be performed in connection with the Core Aeration. A soil test will be done to test the soils ph level. The soil ph level should be around 6.5 which is ideal for the turf to thrive. We also offer pre-emergent weed control and grub control.

Overseeding with a premium blend of three different turf type tall fescues will help thicken the lawn and expand the root growth. We apply approximately 4-6 lbs. per 1,000 square ft.

Different types of fertilizers are used throughout the year to help accelerate root growth and increase germination percentage. In early spring and late spring we recommend using fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control and weed control. In the summer we recommend using a slow release fertilizer with weed control and insect control. In the fall season we recommend aerating the lawn and using a starter/fall fertilizer. The starter fertilizer will accelerate root growth and increase the seed germination percentage. The fall fertilizer contains slow release nitrogen for long-lasting greening, iron for deeper green color, and creates a greener, thicker lawn in the spring.

A lime application is in relation with the soil ph test. Adding lime to the lawn is to help raise the soil ph level from acidic to neutral.

Looking Sharpe will work with each client to design and customize a program to meet their needs.